Luis Onofre Featured in a New International Campaign

Luis Onofre Featured in a New International Campaign
October 8, 2021


It is always wonderful when Porto & the North of Portugal Tourism (the Portuguese government’s tourism agency) shows you a little bit of our precious country.

In this video, the flamboyantly gorgeous Ofélia de Souza will show you some of our most impressive monuments up North. Enjoy the sights of the Bom Jesus in Braga or the Livraria Lello in Portugal. Live vicariously through here as she tastes pastéis de nata, and, of course…

Join her in marveling at that spectacular Luís Onofre shoe.

Whenever you’re planning your next holiday, always remember the North. Its glamour, history and grandeur are on beautiful display in this video.

We are proud to have played a part in that.

When in doubt, remember Ofélia’s words: Life is short… buy shoes.

Portuguese shoes.

Portuguese shoes are a hallmark of the country’s industrial history. For over one hundred years, they have been one of the finest and most sought-after products Portugal makes. Luís Onofre himself started working in a family business that already had its own tradition.

This is why we are so happy to see that our luxury shoes are a part of the Portuguese government’s strategy for tourism. Make sure to view this lovely ad, fully spoken in English, showing some of the North’s most delectable sights, tastes, and products.

Never forget: Life is short… buy shoes.