Bright Spring, Shimmering Summer

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Bright Spring, Shimmering Summer
November 26, 2019

At Moda Lisboa this year, we were delighted to unveil to the world the Luís Onofre Spring and Summer collection. The surprises were many, the designs are bolder and warmer than ever, and now is the time to share some of the highlights with you.

For Spring and Summer 2020, Luís Onofre has chosen to present the world with four different shoe shapes, to add as much variety and diversity to our line as we possibly could, aside from our signature heels that have become synonymous with luxury.

Shaping the season

On the runway in Lisbon, Luís Onofre presented a collection that brings a touch of brightness and design to the simplicity and usefulness of sneakers. These aren’t your traditional running shoes. They’re exquisite.

We could also see some 70s inspired heels on the Lisbon runway. With rich, dense, colors and an almost otherworldly elegance, they bring back all that was chic about that decade right into the cutting edge of contemporary fashion.

Our espadrilles also caused quite the sensation. Their lightness and cheerfulness are matched only by their exquisite good taste, and the comfort they provide is matched only by the playfulness of the bows with which they’re tied.

Last but most certainly not least are our texans, a couple of very dashing models, with marked and seductive lines that push the boundaries of cowboy looks, elevating them to the standard that we demand from everything we make.

Coloring sustainability

Aside from the boldness of our designs, we’ve also taken steps to be bold in every other department. We have decided to explore every dimension of color. We have disregarded the clichés of the season and presented some deep, dark, tones that will look especially distinct in Spring and Summer.

We have also presented the most stylish of meshes, tremendously vibrant colors and the softest, most delicate pastels. We embraced diversity, and created a whole universe of color, steeped with possibilities and daring choices.

And our daring choices don’t end with color. Sustainability is a major concern for everyone working in our industry, and every other for that matter. We have a strong desire to keep creating the most inventive and splendorous fashion we possibly can, and we want to bring that fire for a very long time. This means looking after our home. As such, our collection will include some of the best, most refined pieces ever made with sustainable fabrics, metals, wood and cork. They are glorious.