Shoe care

LUÍS ONOFRE uses the highest quality of Leathers and Materials.

To enjoy your LUÍS ONOFRE product for a long time, we recommend to take note of the following care information. Our products are the result of extensive research and testing prior to sale, resulting in the fine details that define high-quality luxury. Slight variations in leathers and skins are entirely normal for the type of natural materials used by LUÍS ONOFRE.


  • All types of leather and other delicate materials (including metal accessories) may suffer from humidity. Humidity, salt and atmospheric agents in general can cause permanent and irreversible wear and tear. Therefore please take care to avoid rain and direct contact with heat, oil, grease (make up), alcohol (perfume solvents) and other abrasive products as LUÍS ONOFRE cannot assume responsibility for the eventual deterioration, modification and mishandling of our products.
  • Avoid contact with any materials which may transfer their colour pigments onto our products.
  • All materials are sourced for their exceptional quality and are tested extensively prior to sale.
  • Always store your product in the dust bag provided when not in use


    For additional and specific care guidance for your product, please view the Product Care Guide below. You may also ask for advice in your LUÍS ONOFRE store. Or for any further information, you can contact our Customer Services team.




    As a natural material, even the most luxurious leathers can age with time and use and need to be cared for to maintain their optimum condition. Naturally tanned leathers such as Vacchetta may with use and exposure to light alter in colour. This is not a fault and is seen as the natural aging of this beautiful material. Due to the nature of Patent Leathers and the finish used, it is possible that dye can transfer onto the leather causing irreversible damage. Always store your product in its dust bag and avoid contact with darker colour materials.. Strong as leather may be, they still become marked with wear and will require occasional maintenance as with all leather products. Any loose dirt can be wiped away with a soft damp cloth and dried immediately away from direct heat.



    Materials such as Suede go through an extensive finishing process, but due to the nature of this group of materials, may transfer colour onto lighter coloured items. Suede is a very absorbent material and therefore marks easily. We recommend using a good quality suede protector to keep products water-guarded and in good condition for longer. A good quality suede brush may be used to remove loose dirt. Care should be taken as excessive use can cause permanent damage.



    Due to the artisanal processes used at LUÍS ONOFRE, we have a number of unique fabrics & materials (such as cork, wood, acrylic, rubber) which require specific care. For coarse or rough finishes, please avoid contact with delicate fabrics or materials susceptible to damage A soft damp cloth can be used to remove any loose dirt. For fabrics, we also recommend using a suitable protector spray.


    METAL STUDS & CRYSTALS APPLIQUES Due to the artisanal processes, every piece made by LUÍS ONOFRE is unique in its embellishment pattern. Wear may cause scratching and loss of the original shine finish. For coarse or rough crystal finishes, please avoid contact with delicate fabrics or materials susceptible to damage.