For three generations Luis Onofre’s family has cultivated shoe manufacturing. The process, now as it was then, doesn’t start with a machine but with pen, genius, and Luis Onofre’s perseverance pursuing the perfect shoe. Once realised, the birthing process of the new shoe begins: colors are chosen, materials selected, and final sketches made.

Perfect shoes crave faultless components, and Onofre relies exclusively on elite names in material creation. Selected, and sourced, the materials arrive at the state of the art Onofre workshop in northern Portugal. Inspected and prepared, the shoe is one step closer.

Cobblers now partner with world-class machinery in Luis Onofre workshop. Together they craft, combining each component with skill, great care, and perfect precision in accordance with Luis’ design. The Onofre brand, built on exactness, births its creation.

Quality assurance is held-up as perhaps Onofre’s most important business operation. Each produced piece (not random sampling) is manually inspected by our people. Now comes the delicate packing and delivery process. A shoe is born, the shoe fits, wear it with pride.