Recently created, long in the making.


A brand for strong women with strong values.

At Luís Onofre’s no shiny corporate signs are placed at the entrance of the building, listing the corporate values that employees are supposed to follow. Rather there is a permanent attempt to make the mission of the company clear to all co-workers. That mission is way beyond creating high quality shoes. The brand aspires at acquiring a position as a brand that empowers women: by making them taller, even more beautiful, confident, stylish, comfortable. All the employees at Luís Onofre’s know their main goal is to create unique pieces that resonate with women all over the world. Those are pieces they crave for, they wish for and they eventually buy from us with a set of expectations we do everything within their power to meet. Everyday the whole team try to ensure that each pair of shoes is produced with the highest standards of quality, made with the best materials and executed with extreme care by highly talented and dedicated workers. Although it all starts with Luís Onofre’s creations, ultimately it is in the expert hands of the people involved in making each pair of shoes that the company’s true values lie. Therefore, instead of hanging a list of those values on the wall, the company tries hard, on a daily basis, to imprint them in the heart and soul of every single worker. The company’s unwritten common goal is, all in all, to create high quality shoes for unique women.