A majestic piece for fashion royalty

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A majestic piece for fashion royalty
November 21, 2019

To build the most gorgeous and luxurious footwear for one of the true Queens of the industry is a beautiful task in and of itself. We had to create a product that was as unique as it was perfect. It had to look stunning, the fit had to be exactly right, and the delicate piece had to match the occasion and the outfit flawlessly.

The wonderful Nieves Álvarez (@officialnievesa) graced the red carpet at the Premios Woman in Spain with our handmade custom stiletto heel with encrusted Swarovski crystals. She has walked the runway for Lacroix, Armani, Prada, Gianfranco Ferre, Carolina Herrera or Hermès, and she hosts the referential Flash Moda television show on Spanish TVE, for which she was being honored on this day. She is the face of fashion in Spain, and she needed to look impeccable. We can confidently say she achieved a perfect power suit look, fully sparkling, truly magnificent.

To make shoes this delicate, yet this glamourous, is not only an effort of creativity, but also a work of painstaking dedication to every little detail.

Every thread, every crystal, every millimeter of fabric need to be the very best and handled with the utmost care.

To begin the process, after we’ve received the glimmering Swarowski crystals, we must hand encrust them, one by one, onto our mould. It is very important that all crystals are set up correctly, with the mould following the delicate lines of the finished shoe. Then, they are pressed onto the fabric of the shoe to stay in their predefined place, untouched. After we have our bejewelled fabric ready, our expert seamstresses take over and sow the shoe together. This process is more laborious than it may seem. Perfection is our goal, and the materials are delicate.After the shape of the finished shoe is achieved, our seamstresses move on to the interior. A different fabric is sewn onto the exterior, so they form one sinuous, elegant, whole.

Then comes the structure. The shoe is carefully hand glued to our signature stiletto by our expert craftswoman, who makes sure that every line and every crevice are perfectly stylized and in line with our most demanding and rigorous standards.

And this is how we achieve the glorious final result, by matching 4K Swarovski crystals with 62 hours of the most skilled craftwork. A perfect blend of flawless craftsmanship and artistic flair results in an 11cm stiletto heel, made to match the sartorial brilliance of Balmain couture. All of it custom built for the beautiful Nieves Álvarez to feel like the Fashion Queen she is, and creating an iconic Awards Gala holographic look that reflects female fierceness to the last detail.